make progress on what matters

( every single day )

Imagine if...

Imagine if you were able to focus on the most important things, in every part of your life.

And you were clear about what you want.

And you woke up every morning knowing exactly what to do today.

How far could you go?

Let's find out...

Every inch of Uber Week has been carefully designed & edited, with two things in mind:

  • progress towards what matters, and
  • reflection on where you're headed and how it's going.

Mark Gavagan and spouse, Kimberly
My name is Mark Gavagan.

I've struggled for years with a terrible gap between what I'm capable of and how I've actually been doing.

Nothing's terrible, or even bad. A few things were even great.

But I was frustrated. And annoyed with myself.

I've probably read 100+ books on performance, self-improvement, relationships, writing, public speaking and leadership.

Every single one has some form of the same advice:

Focus on what's most important and consistently work hard at it

It's not rocket science.

So why did I keep settling for some "lesser" version of myself?

Not quite being the best father, husband, friend, entrepreneur, athlete, writer, musician, or anything else that I could be.

That I wanted to be.

I felt time slipping by. Deep-down, I knew I wasn't making the most of it.

Why couldn't I take that simple formula— focus on what's most important and consistently work hard at it — and apply it to everything in my life that I care about, every day?

It turns out, it's pretty hard to do.

Let's say, for example, that you can barely walk farther than the refrigerator today, but you want to run a marathon in six months.

Six months seems like a long time. It's very difficult to put aside all the fun, easy & enjoyable things you could do right now and go train for that far-in-the-future marathon today.

And then train again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. And most of the 180 days after that.

(I'm so tired just thinking about it that I almost couldn't finish typing that last sentence)

Finally, I realized I needed a way to bridge what I wanted over the long term with what I need to focus on today.

Ideally, it would help me to develop positive habits (and change bad ones), stay motivated, and feel good about my progress.

I also wanted something that would help me keep track of what happened each day, so I wouldn't lose all those rich experiences, funny stories and lessons learned.

And lastly, I wanted something useful, but fast and easy enough that I'd stay with it
(NO big writing or time commitment).

I searched endlessly, but couldn't find anything that fit the bill.

So I decided to build it myself.

It took several months of painstaking effort (and listening to LOTS of feedback) to get the details just right, but...

Uber Week is finally ready!

screenshot of part of Uber Week's plan for next week page

Does this really cost $5 million ???

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