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It's Time To Supercharge!


We don't pretend to understand your business.

But we do understand that most businesses boil-down to doing a few fundamental things consistently well.

Uber Week is a prioritization & execution supercharger!

Finally, a simple system to help your people thrive!

Plan ➔ Do ➔ Review

This simple pattern will keep your people and business on track:

  • Plan - look ahead and choose what's most important
  • Do- during the day, check-mark (✓) each as 'done' when completed
  • Review- quickly look back and assess what you did, how well & what you learned

Go through the Look Inside section and imagine how much your business would improve if everyone was on the same page and executing really well!


Simple is good. Simple means:

  • Easy - to understand
  • Quick - just a few minutes a day
  • Sustainable - it can keep working for you and your people, year in and year out
  • Flexible - easy (and inexpensive) to customize


Top consulting firm partners charge up to $5,000 per day.

Spend $600,000 or more and maybe their advice will work for you. Or maybe not.

uber week logo costs about 50¢ per day.

Invest 5 minutes daily and it definitely works.

Do the math …

Customize With Your Branding & Content

We understand you might want to fine-tuneuber week logoto match your specific needs.

  • add your logo & branding
  • remove personal content* like food & relationships
  • add space & labels to document key metrics your whole company should follow
  • add space for each employee to track their own or their work group's KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • and much more …

* It's up to you, but think carefully. Personal aspects can result in better employee engagement, with people who are healthier, more grateful, and enjoying better relationships

Or contact us at two-zero-one-320-three2-zero-8 or mgav [ at ] colehouse [ dot ] net. Thanks!

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